Thursday, November 11, 2010

Jurong Bird Park

My school was closed earlier this week so Mummy dated my Ah Ma to

not the zoo,

but Jurong Birdpark!

I last visited the bird park when meimei was still in Mummy's tummy, about 9 months ago.
Ah Ma last visited the bird park more than 20 years ago!

1st stop: Pools Amphitheater
for birds and buddy show.
check out the show times and feeding times and Plan your visit before going to the bird park.

Many know there is a water play area at the zoo, but do you know there is also
water play at the bird park?

There's a huge dry playground

next to which, is the a zero-water-depth wet playground.

We didn't know there's water play so didn't bring any "wet clothes".

Thank God Mummy kept my raincoat in meimei's pram and allowed me to play in the raincoat!

Pss... if you do bring wet clothes, there's children's washroom just next to the water play area.

See my glam face?
I was not willing to take a photo at this world's tallest man-made waterfall.
I want to move on quickly.

Ah Ma and I feeding Lories.
Note: you can take the feeding cup and go anywhere in the Lory Loft to feed the birds and don't have to stand next to the station.

After the lory feeding, Mummy brought meimei to change her diapers and came back to find Ah Ma and I in the gift shop.
"No buying," she told me.
but I replied that Ah Ma allowed me to choose ONE toy.

I'm not greedy and chose this: Dinosaur Egg - Growing Pet. $4.90.

Last stop: Lunch at Hawk Cafe

Bill size: $24.20 for 3 people.
not too expensive huh?
Thanks to the $3 laksa, mummy reckons.

Hawk Cafe is next to another gift shop and my Ah Ma said to my mummy, "this is where you wanteda buy the cat loh."
"No, it was the zoo," Mummy replied.

some twenty years ago, Ah Ma brought my mummy and her sister to the zoo and mummy wanted to get a cat soft toy. Cat soft toys are quite rare and Mummy loves cats.
but my Ah Ma refused to buy for her then.

Mummy complained to Ah Ma, "Last time I want to buy then you don't buy for me. Now he (i.e. me, Hann) never say want to buy then you buy for him. 偏心!"

Ah Ma laughed. actually more like 苦笑.
Then said, "maybe I've spent so much then. so didn't want to spend some more. I didn't spend much today."

ha. how true. our whole trip to the bird park cost more than $120!
taxi fare 2x $22 + admission $61 + food $24.20

that explains why my mummy told me, "no buying"?

as for that cat soft toy...
My Ah Gong took a bus to the zoo, all the way from toa payoh to mandai, the next day and bought it for my mummy cos her sister told him that my mummy really loved the cat soft toy.

Note: Penguin enclosure at the bird park is closed til December.


kkf said...

we find bird park to be a rather boring place...but now you mention there is play area, maybe we shd try to go there again cause we aren't even aware!

Baby said...

wow! sounds fun, but Uncle Alvin only can take me out to play..nex month..and staff priviledge, admission is FOC, and Aunt Emily can make some snacks, so maybe entire trip may cost less than $50

Joyce Long said...

Cherrlyn has been asking me to bring her to jbp few days ago...she visited last yr and wanted to Bk to feed the birds ....

The Dino is so cute...

Hann Hann said...

auntie kkf and auntie joyce, dun go until dec hor. cos the penguins enclosure wont be ready til then.

Auntie Emily, do go til baby is at least 9 months old or when they're cruising. babies won't enjoy themselves at birdpark nor zoo. My meimei is stuck to mummy so she has to tag along.