Sunday, September 8, 2013

Crazy Toy Sale @ Thomson Plaza

It's not one big organised toy fair but It happened that the 2 main toy stores 
at level 1, Thomson Plaza 
are having sale at the same time!
 Moving Out Sale
@ Discovery Corner
They're converting to an online store.
Discount on almost everything!
Educational toys, activity books and lotsa baby toys there!
Hurry! Things are moving fast!
last day: 15 Sep 2013
 Secret Chamber Anniversary Sale
20% off box Lego!

Outside of these 2 shops, there's also a moving store selling toys of cartoon characters like Doraemon, Super Mario Bros, WALL.E, Monsters University, etc.
(Forgot we forgot to take a picture)
This is what we bought.
We had one my xiao yi bought for us from US Disney but we broken.
So happy to be able to find its replacement!

Our Loot from Discovery Corner:

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Sarah said...

Hey I was just there at Thomson Plaza last night, but didn't walk to that corner. Will try to check it out soon.