Monday, September 2, 2013

Hann语 toothpicks

Check out my power Hann语 Toothpicks
at the Soup Restaurant (三盅两件).

It all started from this character: 中
(must be the effect from yesterday's Mahjong lesson. Oops!)

Then I went on and on and on...
With no guidance nor influence from my parents.
All characters formed by 7-year-old me 
and all pictures taken me
so pardon some blur ones.

No prize for guessing the characters... 

Hann's mummy says,
"The wonders when you leave a kid bored.
We were really surprised when we saw what Hann was doing cos he always complain that he doesn't like Chinese."

 made by Hann


Sarah said...

Good idea to get children interested in Chinese, plus they get to amuse themselves while waiting.

xavvy said...

Hi Hann's mummy,

thanks for your link ! A great idea to keep the kids off the gadgets while waiting for the food to be served !

Thanks for sharing ! =)