Saturday, September 1, 2007


Congratulations to Auntie Adeline and Uncle Roy on the arrival of their baby girl.
May the Lord bless them and lead them in parenting Baby Emma.
This is 8-day old Emma Joy Foo. What a clever name!

This was me when I was 5-day old. I was sun-tanning.

My hair stylo right? haha. wonder why it all fell flat now.

One day, Papa asked me if I want a "didi" (younger brother)...
I nodded.
Then Papa asked me if I want a "meimei" (younger sister)...
I considered for a while and
Shook my head.
He went on to ask me the same questions again a few times
and my reponses were still the same.
Mummy wondered if I really meant what I "said".
I wondered why Papa asked me when he has no plans for didi/meimei in the near future.

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