Monday, February 22, 2010

I Can Read

I've been a very keen "reader" since young.
Problem is...
I can't read.

My parents have no time nor energy to train me besides during our daily bedtime reading.
They teach me sight-words.
Now I can read and spell "the, Thomas, go, up, he, zoo, moo, baby, cat,"
and read, "you, fish"
In the context of Thomas' stories, I can read "Percy, Gordon, The Fat Controller" and with some prompts, "Henry, Toby, James".

My school is rather slow in teaching phonics and reading.
Seeing that I love to read, and they are always tired from work and can't read more than one or two books a day, Mummy decided to send me to reading class so I can read on my own.

My 1st day at I Can Read!.
Before I go to the class, I was rather apprehensive as it's a drop-in class, I told my parents that I'd prefer to have them in the class with me.

At last, when I went there, I was quickly ushered into the classroom and soon forgot about Mummy. I was enthralled by the toys and classmates playing, I didn't even say goodbye to Mummy.
Mummy stuffed my jacket into my hands for fear that I might be cold before leaving.
She was surprised that I put on my jacket myself!

still worried about me, Mummy stood outside the door to observe.
She was glad I covered my mouth and nose when I sneezed and even took out tissue paper to clean myself up.

I've grown up, Mummy.
Don't worry!

After about 15 min of free-play (which mummy thinks it's too long), real lesson begins.
Teacher introduces me to the class.
pss... I'm the only boy there!
Think there are 5-6 other classmates who are all girls.

My parents waiting for me in the car.
Picture taken and stitched with papa's new Omnia II.

5 mins before class ends.
Wow. what a crowd.
Lotsa parents waiting for their kids.
Reckon "I Can Read" is really popular.
Can't say much about how effective it is at the moment though.

When I came out, I told Mummy that I had fun in class.
Papa asked what did Teacher teach and my reply was,
"Teacher didn't teach anything. She just tell us to colour."

Mummy fainted.


Sunflower said...

I am interested in this programme too. Pls do blog more about it.


Hann Hann said...

ok. but slowly ok? don't think can see any effect so quickly.

Ing said...

One of my students' parent told me recently about this programme too. I'm kinda interested to find out more. I heard it's expensive. May I know how much is the fees?

Hann Hann said...

Almost $500 for a term for weekend classes. <$450 for weekdays.
One term is about 10 - 11 weeks. no make up for public holidays.

Ing said...

That works up to be close to $50 per session... quite ex. Thanks for the info! :)

Hann Hann said...

not hann but hann's mummy said...

yah loh. I think X also leh.

but then again, it's a 1.5hour class. other classes 1hr also $20+, $30. so if u count in terms of hours, it's almost the same.

kkf said...

dash joined "i can read" before in sengkang, but i dun find it good, so i stopped him...i think it depends on centre

Hann Hann said...

yah. Mummy heard it's dependent on the centre. think they are franchise. heard the one at woodlands ia good. but it's too far for us.

Anonymous said...

So Hann, are you at sengkang branch cos' just signed up my son for their class this weekend. Thank you.