Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Not Hann but Hann's Mummy said...

Dear God,

Am very upset with the situation - Hann's school is having another wave (5 kids so far) of HFMD (Hand Foot Mouth Disease) after the previous episode which was only less than 4 months ago.

Nope, am not angry with You nor the school. Just angry with the situation. or maybe, angry because I feel helpless.

Hann just kena viral fever last Sunday and now almost fully recovered but the school has an "outbreak" of HFMD. and it's his class AGAIN! well... yes... this time round, the next N2 class also kena but still... his class kena AGAIN. Why the class so "suay", God?

and I really pity the kid who kena both times (last Oct and now). God has mercy on him/her and heal the child quickly.

God, please protect Hann and the rest of his classmate and the school from hfmd.

In Jesus' name I pray, Amen!

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

need your comments...

Monday, I took leave to stay at home with Hann as he was still having fever. At the end of the day, I receive news that the school has 1 case of HFMD in the next class and 1 suspect in Hann's class.
Wanteda send Hann back to school on Tue, but ended up had to send him to my mother's cos I can't take so many days of leave and there's HFMD going on in school. I can't send him back when he's just recovering.
End of Tuesday, no new reports of HFMD so decided to send him to school on Wed. plus my father's also down with flu, it's difficult for him to help look after Hann.
Wed, i.e. today, finally took the step of faith after much deliberation, and send Hann to school.

During silent reading in (my) school, I read something about releasing your child to God and I prayed that I'll now release Hann to God, that I'll trust that God'll take care of him and even if he kena HFMD again, it's really part of God's plan.

butbutbut in the afternoon when I receive news that there are new cases of HFMD (one in Hann's class + one in the other N2 class + one sibling), I can't help but regret the decision to send Hann to school. Does that mean I have not really release Hann into Your hands?

at the end of the day, I found out that one of Hann's classmates who caught HFMD in Oct last year caught HFMD again this time. I became worried cos that means it's a different strain of HFMD which Hann may not have the immunity against.

"HFMD actually has over 60 different strains" (source: so does that mean a child can kena hfmd for more than 60 times before he is "immuned" from hfmd??
it seems so hopeless, our fight against hfmd.

So the question came: to send Hann to school tomorrow or not?
both Jason and I can't take leave tomorrow. The only other place we can send Hann is my parents' but my mum is working in the afternoon and my father's having flu.
it seems unfair to make them babysit Hann for so many days. and when will the hfmd stop spreading in school? one week? two weeks?
how long do I have to keep sending Hann to his grandparents who are not exactly suitable caregivers?

so to school or to the grandparents?
finally i decided to send Hann to the grandparents' tomorrow cos I have no peace putting Hann in school given that the last time there were 7 - 9 cases of hfmd in his class, including Hann himself. Frankly, I lost faith in the school, or rather, their efforts to curb the spread of hfmd.

So does that mean I'm taking things into my own hands instead of trusting God?

Does that mean I'm not really releasing Hann to God?

brothers and sisters in Christ, tell me what do you think.
Tell me also, how I should pray instead.


mamabliss said...

To quote what my hubby always say, God has given us a brain to decide what is good and harmful, so i feel that you might want to pray and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you before taking the next step for that's releasing it to our Lord our cares. Next is to let God decide what's the outcome of the decision/choice you've made.

Whatever the consequences, we've first go to the Lord, just as Nehemiah did whenever he needed wisdom as he dealt with the king.

Was wondering if it's possible for Hann to switch school? given that there are many ccc around your area?

Hann Hann said...

not hann but hann's mummy said...

had explored a few other schools but nope... no suitable one. will explain next time.

then again, is it really the school's fault?
surely the school also doesn't want this to happen.

huibing said...

hmm.. mrs leong,你有没有试过让你的父母,或你的家公家婆他们帮你顾您的儿子,下午放学的时候,你早一点离开学校,回家去顾你的孩子?

kkf said...

difficult situation indeed. hope you have resolved it.

byihui said...

if u ask me, i wil say change school. let me know which area u stay and work n i wil see if i can recommend any good ones.

continue to pray for God to grant u His peace, grace and the wisdom to make the right decision. pray for protection on the little ones.

educate hann on the necessity to observe good hygiene n avoid friends who are coughing, sneezing etc. pump supplement like vitamin c, double the dosage during times like this. these r the humanly things and common sense that God has given us to protect ourselves too.

in the meantime, search around for a good cc. u may be amazed how much more u can find out from asking around and really diligently visiting centres and talking to the person-in-charge etc. Most impt, trust in the Lord that things wil work out in His time. God bless u and hann and family!

Hann Hann said...

not hann but hann's mummy said...

Hi byihui,

thanx for your reply.

yup. have been educating hann on the necessity to observe good hygiene, no sharing food, etc and yes. He's on supplements like multivits, vitamin c, etc.

Due to some reason our choices of cc are limited. Actually have already gone to visit all the possible ccs. The only other one which might be suitable is too expensive hence am staying put with the currently one. unless the situation is really sooooo bad, then will consider a change cos there really isn't much choice.

Hann Hann said...

not hann but mrs leong said...

think i did mention somewhere that the grandparents are not able to take care of Hann.

perhaps my parents can babysit for a few hours once in awhile. but definitely not 12 hours 5 days a week.

byihui said...

how abt hiring a maid (although this is something i myself dun advocate) so that if hann happens to fall sick u also wont be exasperated to take leave or have to throw to your parents? alternatively can explore those agent services where they help people look for confinement lady, part-time nannies. pay a little bit more for the quality ones - just pay according to the days u need the services so that it won't be a drain on finances.

also perhaps can talk to the management abt how they manage outbreaks in schools. it makes a big difference when mgt and teachers makea concerted effort to stem such outbreaks by making sure all kids go thru stringent routine checks in the morning b4 going into school, afternoon b4 nap and afternoon after nap. in j's school, there was once the school brought forward two school holidays so that symptoms can show up and the school dun need to keep playing catch-up with identifying new children infected. outbreaks happen sometimes but how the school handles it matters a lot.