Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hann buys shoes 2

Checking out the shoes on my feet.


See that smile on my face.

Payment time.

Papa, how do I look in sunglasses?

Since 2 weeks ago when papa went to London,

I've been a good boy.

whenever I reach home, I will take out my shoes and put them at the correct place all on my own.

Mummy was pleasantly surprised when she saw me doing it the 1st day papa flew off.

She's touched by my simple act cos it shows that I've grown up and I'm independant so she doesn't have to worry even when papa's not around.

I can take care of her and myself.


Auntie Crystal said...

Gosh, what a good boy by taking off your own shoes and putting them to the right place! Mummy & Daddy must be so proud of you! Auntie Crystal applaud you for this "clap! clap!"

Hann Hann said...


I applaud myself everything I put my shoes at the correct place too. hee