Thursday, November 12, 2009

Maclaren strollers recalled in US over lost fingers

not hann but hann's Mummy said...

Received this sms from a friend yesterday afternoon:

"not sure if u're using a Maclaren,
there's a product recall for all its strollers, after 12 kids got their fingers amputated in the hinge.
Call 6844 1188 to ask for a repair kit."

a search on the net comfirmed the authenticity this news.
It's a voluntary recall by Maclaren. Read here.

News of US recall was actually out all over the world on Tue.

- Last Updated: Tuesday, November 10, 2009, 13:05

Maclaren recalls 1 million buggies

A Maclaren buggy that has been known to cut off children’s fingertips will reamain on sale in Ireland and the rest of Europe (hann's mummy adds, "and Singapore") despite being recalled in the US.

UK-based Maclaren today said the umbrella pushchairs were safe to use and reassured customers they are safe when opened or closed correctly.


Frankly, how many of us use our pram/ strollers, or anything correctly?

I think most of the time, we abuse (abnormal use) our things.
that's why designs are multipled by a safety factor.

Hubby and I are never fans of Maclaren.
We think it's overpriced, for one.
Two, as design engineers, we think it's mechanically unsound. (see picture below)

~ picture taken from

due to the slanting frames, there is an unbalanced moment at the handle.
hence, the stroller will tend to fall backwards.
This is be even more so if you're those kind who like to hand your bags, shopping, etc at the handles of the storller.

Users, please comment whether u find this true.

As for amputating the fingers...
some of the Maclaren stroller frames are made of square cross-sections hence has relatively sharp edges as compared to Most Combi prams which has round cross-sections.
So, when u are shutting stroller which a square cross-sention, it's a bit like operating a pair of scissors.

Well... Maclaren or not, square or round cross-section,
of cos we know we should keep the baby/ child away from the stroller when we're keeping it
but as with anything else to do with children, u can never predict where their hands will swing/ end up.
I think it's especially difficult to "keep children clear of the stroller when opening or folding it" when u are travelling alone with the child.

All I can say is... be more careful when u open and fold up ya strollers.

at the local scene,

Local distributor of Maclaren baby strollers issues safety kit

Channel NewsAsia - Thursday, November 12


Maclaren, however, is not extending the recall to Singapore as its strollers meet safety standards here.
Nevertheless, the local distributor of Maclaren strollers — B.I.D. Trading — will issue safety covers to pram owners for free. The safety cover will sit on top of the hinge.
The manufacturer advised parents to keep children clear of the stroller when opening or folding it — to prevent their fingers from getting caught between the joints of the pram.
B.I.D. Trading said that it received several enquiries from parents on the safety of the pram.
"From yesterday till now, we’ve already received about hundred calls from parents. So we have already jotted down their contact numbers. So once we receive the covers we will give them a call and they can come here and collect," said Grace Eng, product manager, B.I.D. Trading.
— CNA/sc

click to read source.

so actually, it's not "Local distributor ... issues safety kit"

but "Local distributor ... is going to issue safety kit"

Worried Maclaren-using parents, call 6844 1188 to book ya kit.


kkf said...

saw that news yesterday, cause i am using maclaren for dash too...not violet yet...thinking of how to get the free protection cause my maclaren is very very old liao. ha!

Sunflower said...

Thanks for sharing but both of us like Maclaren. We are using Maclaren Techno XT so far so good. But I think I need to call for the kit too.

Hann Hann said...

not hann but hann's mummy said...

think they should provide the repair kit for all regardless of new or old. afterall, it's a general design flaw.

Sunflower said...

Just given them a call, the kit will only be in at end of Nov and we need to bring along the stroller for the kit.

Hann Hann said...

Excuse me, 123_123, this is a children's blog. please refrain from posting non-children friendly links.