Monday, October 15, 2007

Ah Gong's visit

Rubbish Yee told Ah Gong that Muumy 情绪低落 and "ordered" him to visit Mummy.
So, he did.
with a present for me!
Yes, me! and not Mummy. haha. Hann: O...
(see the background? I already have a keyboard. but this one's bigger and better!)

Ah Gong: Hann, go get the batteries.

Hann: These?

(Finally figured it out without the help of anyone. Took me awhile to get the batt. I didn't know what batteries are.)

Hann: *clap clap*

Told you mummy's shooting skills are *. She's supposed to capture me clapping after Ah Gong put the batteries in.

Ah Gong: Press here.

Hann: Let me try.

Thank you once again for a lovely present, Ah Gong.

See that Jeep in the background. It's my 1st birthday gift from Ah Gong. I already know how to drive it.

P.S.: My Ah Gong was not feeling well earlier today.

Pray that he had enough rest and will be fine tomorrow. God, please restore, heal and protect My Ah Gong. In Jesus' name, Amen!

by the way, Ah Gong made up for not bringing presents for mummy the other day. He bought food for her today. Has different kinds of fish cakes which mummy loves. but Mummy's not supposed to eat fish and seafood now... basically anything under the sea.

If you know any other food that contains iodine, please list them in my comments.

Thanx, anyway, Ah Gong. Mummy finished the two bowls of dessert all by herself.

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