Friday, November 2, 2007

One Rochester

Sunday Breakfast at One Rochester 9am til 3pm.
Omelette for Papa.
Look and tast great!

Pan Fried Snapper with Ratatouille

Mummy finds it too garlic-ky.

The place's so nice and cosy..

I can't help it but did my "business" here, among the high chairs.

And ended up having to change my diaper in the "wilderness".

Nah.. they don't have a diaper changing station. the Toilets are super clean and nice though.


auntie crystal said...

Hoho... it really looks like a nice place, your papa & mama sure knows how to chose places to eat & enjoy... haha...

Hmm... any idea what is the average price for a set dinner? Auntie Crystal more concern on price lah, if too costly, can't afford to go... =p

Hann Hann said...

eh... don't know about the set dinner leh, we thought it's a night-spot and only offer breakfast on Sundays. but since you mentioned, Mummy checked out the website and saw that they have set dinner.

Our breakfast bill is $40+ for 2 people. I didn't eat, too busy exploring the place.