Tuesday, December 11, 2007

the 3Es for Successful Breastfeeding

For an "easier time" and for breastmilk to come in as quickly as possible, remember the 3Es:

1. breastfeed as Early as possible.

best is to latch baby the moment he is born.

2. breastfeed Everytime baby wants.

Resist the temptation to give baby FM cos it will disturb the establishment of your supply.
"Nurse at the first signs of hunger (stirring, rooting, hands in mouth)--don't wait until baby is crying. Allow baby unlimited time at the breast when sucking actively, then offer the second breast. Some newborns are excessively sleepy at first--wake baby to nurse if 2 hours (during the day) or 4 hours (at night) have passed without nursing." ~ taken from Kellymom.com

3. breastfeed Efficiently.
Make sure you latch baby correctly and that you are sitted or laying down comfortably. Your back should be supported when you are breastfeeding.
Get the nurses to supervise you everytime you wanta latch baby so that you are sure you get it right. It's not a time to be shy about your body. When you are discharged, nobody can help you.


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Most importantly, you have a wonderful mummy!

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