Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Mama Mama

Last night, just before I feel asleep, while laying on the bed...

I said to Mummy, "Mama. Mama."
Mummy replied, "Hanhan, Hanhan."
I said again, "Mama, Mama."
Mummy replied, "Hanhan, Hanhan."
I said the 3rd time, "Mama, Mama."
Mummy still replied, "Hanhan, Hanhan."
This went on for awhile until Mama realised that Papa think we're really mushy. haha!
~ * ~ * ~ * ~
After thinking over a thousand times, Mama finally decided to send me to shcool today.
cos I was getting really sticky to her and wanting her to carry me all the time, even when we're at home. This causes her to be frustrated with me and she was sad that she had to cane me and shouted at me yesterday.
but she was super worried about me and called my school 3 times to check how I was doing.
Mama wanted to pick me up from school earlier but..
as she was walking towards the main road to hail a taxi...
it rained! It was a super duper heavy rain.
Not wanting me to kena the rain, she decided not to fetch me but to let Papa pick me up after work.
She almost cried...
Mama, is Hann the one sticking to you or you're the one sticking to Hann? Haha.

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