Sunday, December 30, 2007

Lai Lai Family Restaurant 来来红烧牛肉面

while waiting for the food to arrive...
I can't help playing with the bowl and spoon.

so sad... papa didn't allow me to use the bowl as a drum.

Uncle Philip, izzit your parents didn't allow you to drum on the bowls and plates when you were young, so now you drum on them and all kinda things?

oh well.. it's back to "eating" for me for now...

Papa, How bout this?

As you can see, Lai Lai is very child friendly.

When we went out of the restaurant, I told mama, "Ball! Ball!" (which means balloon).

Mummy looked and indeed there's a Ballon! So she took this photo.

Sorry, there's no photo of the food cos once they arrive, I made lotsa noise and wanted to be served immediately.

Lai Lai Family Restaurant 来来红烧牛肉面

Restaurant Review:

Good taiwanese food, Great service!

but it's very noisy though. not a place I'd bring my (future) girlfriend for a romantic dinner.

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