Monday, December 24, 2007

still vs active

I sat thru' Mummy's birthday dinner with my grandparents and ah-yi-s without fussing!
Papa praised me for being good that evening.
They wished I was this good the night before when they brought me to this romantic place...

Went luggage shopping with my ah-yi after dinner.

Tangs' open til 11pm every Friday and Sat nights!

No prize for guessing where we went for dinner. ;)

Me releasing my energy after sitting thru' the dinner.

I was crawling here and there and pushing the suitcases aside. My Ah-Ma had to hold on to them lest they fall off their platform.

It's go-home time and I had the chance to admire the beautiful lights along Orchard road.

Blessed Christmas everyone!

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

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