Friday, May 14, 2010

Hann's Birthday Picnic

Finally got to have my birthday picnic

at Fort Canning Park.

Hann Enjoying..., originally uploaded by lastboltnut.

We had food...

When will you stop, originally uploaded by lastboltnut.

Home cooked by Mummy.

Bryan and Caitlin, originally uploaded by lastboltnut.

We had drinks...

Caitlin getting a drink for her Mummy.

We had fun...

Guess what were we playing...

Not ballet...

Not darts...

Hann and plane
we're flying!

Good old Styrofoam Airplanes from my daddy and mummy's time.

Hann and caitlin
We all love the airplanes.

Caitlin and bubbles 2
and what's a party without bubbles?

Caitlin: 过儿 (Koen), 让姑姑教你玉女剑法。

These bubble "swords" are great!

You can blow,

or just wave it to get the bubbles.
a bit expensive compared to normal bubble bottles though.
$2.60 each.

So hot after all these playing!
actually it's super hot even before we started playing.

Thank my parents for buying this mini fan for every1.

Soon, it was time for cake cutting.

Me arranging cupcakes onto the stand.

My birthday cupcake tree.

It was a last minute decision to get cupcakes instead of a normal cake.
I didn't want the cupcakes.
I wanteda a BIG cake, I told Mummy.
well... the effect turned out rather nice.
Every1, including myself, loved the cupcakes.
It's easy for picnic and tabao too.

Mummy and I putting the candles on.


The children get to choose their cupcakes,

Hann giving out cupcakes
while I served the adults.

Looks like we had a lot of fun right?

but it was a big mistake to have the picnic at Fort Canning cos we had many uninvited guests joining us.

0. One uncle
halfway thru' our picnic, got one Malay uncle came to warn us that it's not good for children especially young babies to be there because it's not a "clean" place.
He also hang around us and started smoking!
So much for his concern for the baby.
Nonetheless, Mummy reminded auntie to pray over the baby.

1. LOTS of mosquitoes!
especially at the original place we wanteda have the picnic.
Mummy managed to kill one mozzie at the original place and saw it had black and white stripes on it's legs (read: Aedes Mosquitoes).
That's why we moved down to concrete ground at the courtyard behind Fort Canning Centre, where my parents had their wedding.
It got better after we moved there and all stuck on anti-mosquito patch PLUS spray on insect repellent.
Thank God nobody kena Dengue Fever.

2. ants!
The ants decided to join our picnic towards the end and crept into all our bags!
Thank God most of the guests had left except the family whom arrived at dusk.
I suppose it didn't affect us kids much as we carried on playing while the adults emptied ALL the bags to get rid of the ants in them.

Mummy now wonders if the guests at her wedding had to deal with these gate-crashers too.

No wonder nobody (except us) picnic at Fort Canning!

Conclusion: Do NOT picnic at Fort Canning Park.

Our usual picnic place at Botanic Gardens is definitely a better choice.


pc said...

Awesome shots!!!!
Despite the uninvited guests, I can see it was a great party:), kids were having fun leh!!!

Daphne said...

You have some amazing pictures here!

Personally, I think the uncle's smoking is a lot more dangerous than the 'ghosts'.

Hann Hann said...

thanx, ladies.

The photos are taken by my papa. that's why he's not in the pictures.

kkf said...

yah yah, very nice shots! and very creative idea for holding birthday!