Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Tims Restaurant and Cafe

Had Christmas Day dinner with my ah-yi-s and jiejies at Tims Restaurant and Cafe.

It was very packed at Tims' and we went late. Nevertheless, we still got a place.


Chicken Wings

Dancing Prawns

Main course:

Kebab prawns?

Sorry, didn't get a chance to take a good look at the menu, so not very sure what's the name of the dishes.

and those aint our food. we came later and had to wait, wait and wait....

Why is my plate empty?

Food's not here yet... I'm going to cry...

more photos at ah-yi's blog

Restaurant review:

Good Nepalese food, cheap price.

but be prepared to wait on weekends and holidays. Thanx to HDB Taitai

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