Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Bicycle built for Two

Mummy asked me if I want to go cycling and showed me various children sitting at the back of the bicycles with their parents in front. I nodded and off we went to rent the bicycles.

Me on the bike.

I was all happy and excited until...

Papa rided on the bike and took off.

I cried and cried. I was afraid. I wanteda get off the bike and cried. but Papa didnt' stop. He thought we should give it a try since we already rented the bike and that maybe I'll like it once the bike goes.

but I didn't. I really wanted to get down!

and I cried so much, Papa gave up and ride back to the station. and it started to rain on our way back. Thank God we didn't go far.

Papa braved the rain, nonetheless, to get umbrellas for us while Mummy and I waited in the shelter.

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