Friday, January 11, 2008

No School today~!

Hi everybody!

I've recovered from HFMD.

Thank you for your prayers and thank God for healing me. =)

I didnt' go to school today cos Papa's gotta go reservist and can't send me to school. So I stay at home with Mummy.

Mummy brought me out early in the morning for breakfast at Coffee Beans.

Too bad she didn't bring her camera.

Then we bought fish for my meals, "downloaded" it at home and came down to play!


The childcare centre was having their songs-and-dance. I can see the teacher from here and I followed her actions and dance to the music.

Mummy wanteda take a video instead but her shooting skills failed her once again.

Then we went cat-chasing...

I love cats.

and finally we went to buy bread just before heading home.

Pss... 7-Eleven is giving out these cutie angbaos! Great for kids.

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