Friday, February 1, 2008

Art and Craft

Papa and Mama didn't go to work today so I get to stay at home.
In the morning, Mama brought me to Zoophonics School.
We did 3 pieces of Art Work there. Too bad Mummy didn't bring her Camera.
Art Work 1: Pasting colourful and shiny Fish scales on a printed fish.
This is a follow up after the "Rainbow Fish" story.
Art Work 2: Use toothbrush to brush white paint (toothpaste) on printed teeth.
follow up after the "I can brush my teeth" Chinese story.
Art Work 2: Making a lantern.
the paper was precut. we just had to stick on the fuzzy crep paper and use toilet roll to stamp glitters onto the paper as patterns.
At the end of the day, Mummy found glitters in my nostrils. Perhaps it's not so suitable for yound children.
In the evening, I found the tubs finger paint at home so Mummy allowed me to do stamping with them.
This is a duck-shaped bench toy which we used as a stamp.

ah... toilet roll. just like what we did in class today.

Mummy thought it's quite clever. just use and throw. don't need to wash unlike the "duck".

Look at my hands.

This is caused by the "duck". if you just use the toilet roll, your hands can be quite clean.

I don't like to be dirty.


小丘 said...

Nice work! zoo phonics is interesting right? I like it. Till now, still remember their holiday programs and love it.

Hann Hann said...

Yah. I like the ZooPhonics Program. but not the classmates. Mostly very spoilt. The accompanying grandparents or maids just allow the kids to walk about freely during the lesson, block the books or materials the teacher is holding, and scream or cry loudly.

Mummy worry that I will learn from them. That's the main reason why I didn't enroll. besides the fact that the lessons are on weekdays.