Friday, February 8, 2008

1st real wake

My parental Grandma past away yesterday.

It's going to be the 1st real wake I'm attending.
Sure, I've been to a wake and a memorial service. but this is the 1st "real" one to me. I'll be staying there the whole time.

I miss my Grandma.
Yesterday at the hospital, I saw everybody sitting at the visitors' place, I named them one by one and found my Grandma missing.

It was my 1st time using the water bottle she bought for me yesterday. I love the water bottle and finished the entire bottle of water. If you know me, I don't fancy drinking plain water. but she couldn't see me enjoying the bottle.

I miss the "water egg" she cooks for me. I miss all the nice toys she gets for me. I miss her trying to amuse me. I miss her.


小丘 said...

:( take care.

Cornelia said...

Dear Tim Hann,
Don't be too upset, ok? Take care (smile face).

Cornelia said...

Cornelia is me, Belynda jie jie

Jolynn - said...

节哀...and take care...='((

Jason said...

Thank you all.