Friday, February 15, 2008

At the wake

I spend 4 full days at MahMah's (my Grandma) wake.

The 1st time papa bring me see MahMah in her special "bed", with some visitors, I said, "MahMah sleeping". Every now and then, I will request Mummy to bring me to see MahMah. I like to see her sleeping in her special bed. but sometimes, I feel a little frightened when I see her.

Despite the long hours there (we usually go home after 11pm), I generally behaved well and my duty there include serving packet drinks, helping to put new plastic table "cloth" on the tables and entertaining guests.

When there are no visitors in the afternoons, I will do some art work with Mummy. check out the next post for my artworks. I also go to the playground next to MahMah's block.
I ate a lot those 4 days. almost non-stop. I ate bread, cake, cheerios, on top of my usual meals.
that's why I've grown fatter. Can you tell from the photos?

Me drinking.

Me entertaining Guest.

Actually it's more like the Guest entertain me.

The person sharing his PDA with me is actually my distant cousin. He is more than 30 years old. Mummy said don't anyhow put people's photo on the net hence his head is "chopped" off.

Doraemon kidnapped.

haha. no lah. This picture is taken in MahMah's house.

My uncle bought this plastic doraemon for me upon hearing that I can't bring my soft toy doraemon to school. but I was afraid of it. According to my MahMah, it's because it has a big red mouth. so she taped its mouth. and true enough, i'm not afraid of it anymore. in fact I love it.

MahMah, thank you for your love. Byebye for now. Pray that we will meet in Heaven.

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