Saturday, February 23, 2008

Good boy, bad boy 2

This is Hann's mummy writing. 1st time using handwrite input on my tablet PC.


Fetch Hann early from school to bring him for his immunization and blood test (see previous post for reasons). As it was my last day of the week, I had quite a lot of things to bring home. plus Hann's schoolbag , there was a lox of things to carry.

(Argh.. I give up. It's faster to type)

When we reached TMC, I told Hann that I had many bags to carry and he had to walk on this own. and he did.

We reached TMC at around 4.45 only to realised that Dr Keoy (Hann's regular PD) is not around that afternoon. The nurse told us to come back at 6.30 and to go to the other "side" to get our No.1. The nurse at the other side then persuaded us to see another doctor who is available at that time so that we can make it in time for the blood test (Lab charges extra if test done after 5pm)

I reluctantly agreed.

sigh.. in the end we still didn't make it in time for the blood test cos there's the nurse who insisted on taking Hann's height and weight before passing his card to the doc. and Hann refused to cooperate.

Finally, when all's done, it was past 5. Doc said Hann has Hep B antibodies so he's safe and doesn't need the test. but she's not pro-breastfeeding. She said, "so old already can stop. the nutrients are not much." Felt like walking out at this point and regret seeing her. If not for her going to poke my son's butt in a minute's time, I'll tell her to brush up on her knowledge on breastfeeding.

Breastmilk and Breastfeeding IS still good after the 1st 6 months!

Breastfeeding your toddler can provide:
31% of his daily energy needs,
38% of protein requirements,
45% of Vitamin A requirements, and
95% of Vitamin C needs.
Source: WHO/CDR/93.4

While waiting for Hann's medicine, there's this boy (I'll call him the Bad Boy from this point forth) who's half a head taller than Hann and looks 3 years old. Hann was just standing there doing nothing and the next moment, Bad Boy came and push Hann's shoulders, causing him to fall backwards onto the ground and hit his head at the back. Oh boy! it was a hard fall. I dashed to pick Hann up but it was too late. He fell, he knocked his head and he's crying very badly. I felt like slapping Bad Boy.

The Mum came and apologised. She said she saw it and it was a bad fall. yah. so?

I dunno. how should one react in this situation? Boy is ignorant, Mum alpologised, what else? Nothing. so I just kept quiet and continued rubbing Hann's head (he's still crying).

Then the Mum made Bad Boy apologise to Hann. Hann's face was turned away from him so I said, "Hann, turn here, Korkor wants to say sorry."

and you know what? the poor boy, Hann that is, still crying, said "sorry" to the Bad Boy! oh man, I was angry and I said sternly, "No! Hann don't say sorry. Korkor pushed you, HE say sorry to you!" and Hann said "sorry" again! still crying. sigh... I dunno what to do. and at that point, I wonder if I'm too harsh on Bad Boy, on Bad Boy's Mum, or was I rude. but I didn't care. and deep in my heart, I wanted the Mum to beat Bad Boy. She didn't. She scolded him, call him "naughty", grounded him to a spot.

Man, do I regret not waiting for Dr Keoy and seeing Dr Ang AT.

Hann, you are too kind. Stand up for yourself and don't be a push-over. no pun intended.


小丘 said...

mIts good to be kind. That bad boy's mummy will have hard time in future. As teachers, both of us know right? ha! wish her good luck!

Hann Hann said...

Hann's Mummy said...

er... i think the boy's future teachers will have a hard time. parents xi-guang liao.

but I think this Boy's mum is still ok lah. she did scold him and ground him. that's some kind of discipline ba. I suppose not all see beating/ caning as a way of discipline.