Saturday, February 23, 2008

Good boy, Bad boy.

Mummy thinks I've been a good boy these 2 days (Yesterday and Thursday).

Yesterday, Mummy had to go for her thyriod check up and she had to bring me along cos
1. I was having fever from Thursday's jab (more about that later) and stayed at home with her.
2. Mummy wanted me to do a blood test as well. to check for Hepatitis (since my MahMah past away with liver cancer) and for thyriod disorder (cos I'm eating so much and all the time).

Oh well, in the end, Dr Kevin said I doesn't have to do the blood test after checking my neck.

I am a good boy.

From stepping out of the door, I walked to the lift then to the carpark on my own. when we reach the carpark, Mummy will carry me to cross the roads.

When we reached the main road, I said, "taxi, taxi."

Mummy replied, "oh no, we're not taking the taxi. Taxis are very expensive now. Mummy doesn't have money. Hann have Money?"

I answered, "No."

"So we can't take taxi, we'll take the MRT. Hann like MRT?"


On the way to the MRT, I didn't walk though. Mummy carried me.

We were blessed by an uncle who gave up his seat for us in the MRT. I was good and sat quietly on Mummy lap, observing the children sitting opposite me.

While in Dr Kevin's clinic, I sat on the chair next to Mummy, ate my bread quietly and watch the mini fountain on Doc's table. When the nurse draw blood for Mummy, I stood at the side and watched and gave Mummy support. It can be quite painful, you know? but the nurses at Dr Kevin's are really skillful and nice so the pain is minimised.

On the way home, Mummy pointed to the plaster on her arm and told me that she can't carry me so I walk all the way.


小丘 said...

to hann mummy: me also checked for thyroid before. Think it is something teachers have to beware of.

To hann: what a good boy!

Hann Hann said...


yah loh. Thyroid seems to be one of Teachers' Occupational Hazard.

小丘 said...

Whats the symptoms? I have checked before thru blood test and scanning of neck. Luckily nothing, but then sometimes I still feel heartbeat faster than usual (symptom right?)

Hann Hann said...

it's more of irregular heartbeat than faster heartbeat I think.

other symptoms include
1. hair lost
2. increase in appetite due to increased metabolic rate.
3. feel warm all the time, also due to metabolic rate.
4. difficulty in falling asleep, or staying asleep.

for more, you can read this