Monday, February 18, 2008


I've been on Vegetable Alphabets Pasta for as long as I can remember.
They're 60% whole grain (means healthy I reckon), easyto cook, small enough and yummy for me.
We used to be able to get them at NTUCs but recently, I finished my last packet and can't find them in NTUCs anymore. We checked a few.
Finally, Mummy decided to check out the "organic" shops.
We went to United Square and found the Alphabets Pasta in both the Organic Shops there.
but it comes in a different packaging from those in NTUC.
Mummy wonders why people want to pack pastas in cardboard boxes rather than in plastic bags, won't them spoil easily?
I'm just happy that I can eat my ABCs again.
Pss... VitaKids at Level 2 is selling it 80cents cheaper than Just Wholefood (B1).


小丘 said...

looks nice. is it delicious

Hann Hann said...

oh yes, it's really yummy. i love them. I get to learn the alphabets at the same time too.

Hann's Mummy said...

eh.. dunno nice or not. Haven't really tasted them. I don't like to taste Hann's food. haha.

You can add them to those glass-bottled baby food if you've no time to cook other stuff.