Friday, February 29, 2008


These photos were taken about 2 weeks ago...
me fixing 2-piece puzzles.


I call him "boomboomboom"

for gorilla.


The lion was the most difficult for me to fix among the 4 animal puzzles in the box. but now I can fix them all with ease.

I just got started on 3-piece puzzles last night. I can do it but with a bit of difficulty.

Think I can move on to 4-pieces, 8-pieces and more!

Any1 has puzzles to pass on?


小丘 said...

so smart! I am trying to train my boy to do puzzles too.

Hann Hann said...

Have you bought the puzzles?

Kiddy Palace has cheap ones. comes in 2-pc to 6-pc.

Mummy just bought them on Mon. will try to post them on my blog soon.

The Chengs said...

So these 2 pc - 6pc puzzles are from kiddy palace? not popular?

Hann Hann said...

not hann but hann's mummy said...

oh! haha. Think is was so long ago I can't remember. I thought they're from popular.

Yup. they're from kiddy Place.

but I think popular may have them too. Otherwise, Popular oso has other puzzles which are not so expensive.