Thursday, February 28, 2008

Out of the Pan with Mummy

Guess what's drawing my attention away from my cheese kueh?

I'm so excited I put my cheese kueh down!




It goes up this way...

Can you guess yet?

It's my favourite and I can say the word, "Fountian!"

We're at Out of the Pan.
I had make up Music class today. Mummy rushed from school to pick me up, go home to put down our bags and flew to music class so she's very hungry and decided to eat at Raffles City after the class. She was undecided as to which cafe to go to but I got all excited when I saw the fountian so the choice was clear.
You won't believe how many photos she took of me.
The angmo korkor at the other table was looking at her like thinking, "she must be crazy.
She's so excited about taking photos of me that she forget to take a photo of her food before she "destroys" it.
So there's only this blurry photo cos the camera phone cannot shot macro (or maybe she doesn't know how to).

some chicken crepe with beans trilogy: big red beans, chick peas and soya bean (or so Mummy thinks). of which, none I eat. When Mummy put them in my plate, I'll say "no, no, no." "bye!!" (yes, to the bean)

I only eat the chicken... and the crepe too.



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小丘 said...

yummy! I ate before, very nice!