Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What kind of Math Teacher...

A page from Mummy's diary:

Sometime last week...

Was working out a sum on the board and made careless and silly mistake. When I pointed out the mistake to the class and corrected it, one student said (in a joking tone),"What kind of Maths Teacher are you?"

I answered, "I'm a tired Maths Teacher."

then the students said, " you're tired? rest lah, Teacher" "Go home and sleep," said another.

well... I am tired. I guess all teachers are tired. too many things, too little time. and I'm on 3/4 load. Can you imagine a full-load teacher?

I'm counting down on to the March Holis!


小丘 said...

Not easy to be teacher hor? I understand fully! :)

I think it is even harder to be secondary teacher!

Anonymous said...

i face teachers almost every working day! so i guess, i can understand the HEAVY workload they have.

not to mention the many additional project works they have to shoulder beside the usual teaching stuff!