Sunday, April 20, 2008


All pictures, other than the last one, in this post are taken by Hann.

Can you guess what's this?

Need more clues?

Shh.. he's hiding...

He has a long neck.

Oops.. pardon my leg.

This one's better!

It's a 30-piece Infantino's Giant Jigsaw Mummy bought from Kids' Bazaar at United Sqaure.
It was challenging even for Mummy cos most of the pieces look almost the same. Sometimes, she'll hold one piece of the puzzles, tried for sometime and say, "Oh! Mummy also don't know," and give up. I will then take over, figure it out myself before showing her how.
I did half of it on my own. =)

Mummy, take a picture of me next to Giraffe.

btw, this is my 1st time wearing this Doraemon shirt from HK. =)


小丘 said...

Nice doreamon shirt! and nice puzzle! hann is so capable.

Hann Hann said...

Thanx. *blush*