Thursday, April 24, 2008

Rainforest Friends Books and my wishlist

These are the four books from the Rainforest Friends Series by Adeline Foo.
Click on each title for the book review.

3. Lost in the Secret Garden

I have No.3 and No.4.

I love these books. Mummy thought they may be too wordy for my age but no... I am able to sit through the whole story and will ask Mummy to read both to me.

Someone please get me the other two in the series... heh...

2. Secret Hoarder

1. Ben's friends from the Rainforest

Me also interested in this book:

Update on 06 Mar 2009

Almost 1 year's past since I posted this.

I have all 4 books in the series now.

I still love and read them. =)

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