Thursday, April 24, 2008

Kooky Art

In line with Adeline Foo's launch of her fourth book "The Midnight Tree", children can get to enjoy a free Kooky Art cookie decorating session if they buy "The Midnight Tree" and one other Adeline Foo's book.
Mummy didn't want to buy the books initially but seeing that I showed immerse interest in the book (I ran to the book and started flipping it soon after the story-telling), she decided to buy "the Midnight Tree".
"Do you want to get the book?" Mummy asked me.
"Yah." was my reply
"Do you want to do the cookies?" was Mummy's next question.
"yah." I replied again.
So Mummy bought 2 books and I got to do the Kooky Art.

Mummy showing me how to "spread" the colors onto the cookie.

what's that?

me at work.

adding colors

Nay.. these were not done by me. they were decorated by the jiejei next to me.

These are my work.

No more?


小丘 said...

Looks fun!!!

The storytelling no age limit? I want to bring dash for storytelling session but always see that it is for bigger children. :(

Got such lobang let me know hee.

Hann Hann said...

No age limit for Monsters under the bed. You missed their reply at my blog the last time.

You can check out timing and venues of their story telling sessions at their website.

I suppose if you can sit still or just don't make too much noise, you can attend. :)