Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Homebased Playgroup: the Letter "A"

It's school holidays for Mummy and she wanteda set aside time to do some activities.
to motivate herself and make sure she does the activites, she decided to invite some friends to join us.

So this is how our "homebased playgroup" started.

We were introduced to the letter of the day, "A".
Fitting A, B, C into the "holes" are chicken feat for me but I still love doing it.

We were then given some fruits and vegetables whose names start with the letter A.
We took turns to distribute each fruit/veg to each child.

word recognition time: Mummy then introduce the words to us and we had to match the fruit to the correct word.
She left the fruits and veg and cards on my play table throughout the week and I requested to do the matching everytime I see them. ha.

Me getting ready for artwork.
Mummy thought I looked really cute in this apron. It's my birthday present from Auntie Crystal. Thanks, Auntie Crystal. May your boy look as cute as, if not cuter than, me. hahaha.

Apple printing.

Timothy and I were happily printing with the apples until...

I discovered another way to "draw" with the apple: sliding!

Caitlin prefers to use her hands. She completely ignored the apples after awhile. ha.

check out more photos taken by Timothy's Mama.


Ing said...

What a great time you all had! So sorry we can't be there...

小丘 said...

The kids must have enjoyed themselves!

pc said...

can see it is a great idea and wonderful session for kiddos. is it still on? i really hope hy n i can join in the last week of june. i'll definately call you ;D