Tuesday, June 3, 2008


One jiejie arrived super late for the playgroup and all the other children had gone home.

Mummy was not sure if she wanteda do the activities all over again. In the end, she decided to bring us to the playground.

Mummy tried so hard but just couldn's capture both of us popping up our heads together.

chasing each other in the tunnels

Mummy likes this photo cos it's so dynamic.

Thanx to jiejie, otherwise Mummy would not have brought me to the playground.
We had great fun there.

The next two photos are taken by me, Hann.
Auntie looking pretty.
Me saw jiejie drinking packeted soya bean and asked Mummy for my favourite, "cow's milk".

Bye, jiejie and auntie! Thanx for coming.

PS: Auntie PC made a scrap page of our outing.
See here.


pc said...

hehehe... sorry... well, it was us. promise will not late next time we meet!
really nice to meet you and your mummy.

pc said...

hi, is me again. auntie pc just scrapbook on the pictures your mummy snap ^^. hope you like it.

Hann Hann said...


left a comment in ya blog.