Friday, July 4, 2008

MacRitche Reservior

Papa came home early from work so he drove us to MacRitchie Reservoir for a walk before dinner.
Actually Papa wanteda take sunset pictures.
I was all excited and walked (ran) really fast across the "bridge".

I didn't want my parents to follow me nor to take my pictures.

Mummy, stop following me!

wonder who chopped this tree down. Look! there's "mushroom" on the trunk!

Time to go...

It's not much fun if you're not the nature-loving kinda toddler. Nothing much for us young children except lotsa space to run around.

Pss.. dun bring ya tricycle unless your parents want to work out.


kkf said...

Nice place! good to be exposed to nature.

Blessed mum said...

Hi! Saw your comment on KM's blog..

hmm...yes to your question. But even back when I lived in HDB, its the same leh..

Been there with my kids too...OMG! Got to carry my little boy all the way back then! What a good Exercise it was!

Hann Hann said...

kkf, yup it's nice. but I still prefer HortPark. have been asking my parents to bring me.

hi blessed mum,

that's why i said must bring pram. ha. my mummy oso had some Exercise carry my tricycle back.

thank you for visiting my blog.

ha. you must have left HDB long ago before they "invented" the junk-mail-free letterboxes. that's why now they deliever the junk mails to our doorstep.