Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mickey and Puzzles

Me working on the shape-puzzle.

There! I did this myself. It's Mickey!

Since I went to HongKong Disneyland, whenever I see 3 circles arranged this way, I'll say "Mickey".

This photo is taken by me. It's a puzzle I've been working on for about a month now.

Although it's a 50-piece puzzle, it's still challenging to me cos the shape of some pieces are "odd" (brinjal shaped, mushroom shaped, etc), not like the usual puzzles.

Mummy bought it from this puzzle shop at Marina Square during the June Holidays.

She saw that although I could do the 60-piece Thomas Puzzle, I lack confidence, wanting her to supervise me when I do the puzzles. so she decided to "back track" and let me do a 50-piece puzzle instead.

Some1 please get these 3D puzzles for me. =)

they're 60-piece puzzles. Mummy didn't buy them cos she thinks it may be too difficult for me. imagine the back of doraemon's head and also mickey and minnie's head... they're all in solid colours, no lines, no pictures, nothing. so she figgured it should be quite difficult.

but I think I'll love them. so cute right?

Here's a song from Mickey Mouse's clubhouse which I'm in love with.

Mummy loves it too.


pc said...

:D, HY jiejie got this mickey mouse puzzle... she is not up to that stage. she is doin 40 pcs mickey puzzle ^^. you are genius~!
btw, marina sq where? ours are 2nd handed.

Hann Hann said...

eh 2nd floor. can't point out the exact location. but there's only one one puzzle shop there.

pc said...

^^ thanks.