Tuesday, August 12, 2008

National Day Parade 2008

Thanks to Uncle Philip, the music composer for NDP 2008, who gave us 2 tickets to the Parade.

but we have only 2 tickets

and the Tickets said "Children, including infants, need a separate ticket" woh...
how are the 3 of us going to go together?

Oh well... Mummy decided to give it a shot anyway...
cos how often do you get NDP tickets without doing anything at all.
so here we are, not my 1st, but my 1st MRT ride with my Papa.
(he drives)

Oh well... in the end, we somehow got the 3rd ticket!
Thanx be to God!
and to Teacher Beth who prayed for us to get the extra ticket.
and to zheng-hu. hahaha.

After that I fell asleep. ha. was too tired. didn't sleep the whole day.

We've got special seats too. right in front! and lotsa space.
click on this picture to see the ages of people attending the NDP.

Soon after we settled down, an apparent storm began to brew.

This old lady is 104 years old! can you believe it?
104 and attending NDP wow!
and she's got a Singapore Flag "tatoo" on her right cheek!
too bad papa didn't manage to capture that.

Me looking sian cos I just woke up.
It's Mummy's and my 1st time at NDP.

The uncle next to us is more than 80 years old.
a young friend of his brought him to the Parade.
Mummy thought only LKY will go to the NDP at these ages.

I refused to wear the rain coat (given in the Goodie Bag)
so Mummy had to use an umbrella.
Thank God that the rain was just drizzles and not heavy.

Yup. this is how close we were to the "action".
the Parachuters almost landing on us. ha.
and some1 told us watching from Ritz Carlton is better.

Check out what's in the "goodie" bag!
Nah.. Mummy didn't allow me to eat that.

My papa was happily taking pictures thoughout the Parade.
Check out his NDP pictures.

that I'm not so excited. but reminds my Mummy of my late MahMah.

After the parade I went for a walk around the place.
These Dragon Dance korkors jio me to join them.
They even offered to give me their stars.
but their makeup really scares me.
See the picture. look like 7th month right? hee

I'm a good Singaporean who clear his rubbish after NDP ok?!

I love Singapore!
Mummy was carrying me during the National anthem.
After a while I struggled to get down. because...

I wanteda get the the Flag and wave!

Hann's Mummy said...
Good job, Phi. May you be a permanant fixture with NPD.

Joi Chua looked super pretty in her orange dress!
I couldn't regconise her initially.
Check it out here and listen to her sing in this video.

and I was super impressed by Celine Rosa Tan's singing.

When I saw the fireworks, I was reminded of Hann's MahMah.
She loved watching fireworks.
almost every year, Hann's Uncle will get a hotel room so that she can watch the fireworks.
this time we've got such great view and I think, "if only she's still around."
All I can say now is to be nicer to and treasure the old folks who are still with us, for they won't be for long.
This one's for you, Mother:


pc said...

everything are very nice. especially on the b&w pic where only hann's on colour. how did you do that?

Hann Hann said...


details gotta check with my papa

kkf said...

wow. looks fun!!

pc said...

arrrr... photoshop... i know^.*

Elkan Ho said...

Yeah, the b/w effect is cool! I wan my daddy to learn to do that too!

Little Prince Elkan

Hann Hann said...

Elkan, thanx on the behalf of my papa.

kkf, it sure was fun!