Saturday, August 16, 2008

Singapore's getting a medal in the Olympics!

not Hann but Hann's Mummy said...

was having breakfast with my colleagues one day and was telling them that I went to the NPD.

Then one of them commented, "You are so patriotic one ah?"

I was then taken aback at his comments and a bit embarrassed so did not answer him.
Later on, I thought, why should I be ashamed that I am indeed patriotic.

Happened to switch on the tv yesterday and saw that the Olympics table tennis semi-finals (Singapore vs Korea) broadcasting live! See video.

Singapore was doing great and really hopeful to win.
I actually messaged a few friends whom I thought will be interested to know like me.

I would have watched the entire match if not for the "date" I made with Mapleleaf.

Just before I go out, the match between Wang Yue Gu (Singapore) vs Dang (Korean) was on and Wang was struggling to catch up with Dang... I thought gone case liao. I went out of the house, half hopeful that Singapore will win and get to compete in the final for a Gold or Silver.

and win they did! Read Channel News Asia
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

The deciding and winning match: Feng Tianwei (Singapore) vs Park Mi-Young (Korean)

Check out these
Hwa Chong students gathering to watch the match

I can't believe that students actually do that.
Now I know that are other patriotic Singaporeans like me.

Poll about your thoughts on the Singapore table tennis team winning a medal at REDpoll.

It just set me thinking about new immigrants.
Some may feel that Singapore didn't really win since the entire team (coach Liu Guodong included) that carried Singapore to victory were all imports from table tennis powerhouse China (qoute Reuters).
but I suppose I have to agree with my father that if they (the team) had not come to Singapore, they may achieve what they did today. Afterall, they get all the grooming and attention in Singapore (where there are only 4.6 millions of us) but they may not have the chance back in China, competing with 5 billions other people. Not to mention the prize $$ they're going to get and the President flying down to watch them in the final.

At moments like this, I reckon most of us gladly embrace them as Singaporeans and feel proud of them. but how about them? Even after so many years in Singapore, do they really think of themselves as Singaporeans? Do they feel proud as Singaporeans? Or will they think they did it because they were from China?

Well... we, so call locals, are also descendants of immigrants to Singapore. and for one I know, the 104 year old immigrant, after so many years in Singapore, did feel proud and a very part of Singapore.

btw, Hann's current favourite song is Majulah Singapura.

Final match at 7.30pm Sunday 17 August 2008
National day rally 7.30pm Sunday 17 August 2008

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