Monday, September 1, 2008

Hann talks about WALL.E

As mentioned in my previous post, my parents brought me to watch Wall.E in the cinema.
but when EVE came out and started shooting at everything (See Video. Warning: Contains Spoilers), I was scared and kept saying,
"I want to go home!" with my eyes shut.

but I still love WALL.E and talk about him a lot.

me telling my parents why I wanteda go home half-way thru' the show:
Eve shot at WALL.E.
Eve always fight.
Hann boy better don't see.

Hann: WALL.E zoom.
Hong Ah Yi: Tim Hann can zoom?
Hann: no.
Hong Ah Yi: why not?
Hann: Hann boy has no wheels.


pc said...

言出天行... aunty pc smiling to read this ^.^

Hann Hann said...

ha. at least got somebody appreciate.