Saturday, August 30, 2008

Robotics-themed exhibition

Yesterday, my parents brought me to see the movie WALL.E.
but but but... I was frightened by sudden and loud sounds made by EVE and I wanteda go home.
so we left the cinema half way.
though I was scared at the movie but I still love WALL.E.
My parents promised to get me a WALL.E. toy.

Today, Mummy brought me to the Inter-school Build a robot using recyclables Challenge.
She thought there's a WALL.E fair as well.

Check out this Singaporean robot. ha. He has a flower in his pocket signifying our Garden City.
I'm afraid of him though.
probably because of his hand.


Nay.. that's not WALL.E either.

There you are, WALL.E!

Mummy's favourite robot at the Challenge.
She thinks he looks really cute and pretty.

Check out this one with the drums.
I wanteda play on them but Mummy stopped me.

There are other workshops and activities in line with WALL.E and recyclables going on this Sep Holidays at Plaza Singapura, jointly organised by Singapore Science Centre.
but no WALL.E toys though. Sad.
Science .08 Sci-Fi Movie Festival - Robotz! Exhibition
29 Aug to 07 Sep
11 am - 8 pm

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