Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Rainbow Fish

Went to Alliance de France today to catch The Rainbow Fish.

Mummy asked me if I wanteda stand on the stairs up the stage to take pictures with the seaweeds but I replied, "no. Rainbow Fish is coming."

Thank you, Uncle Chiah, for taking a photo of me and mummy.

Hann's Mummy lamenting, "oh man! I look super old."

Mummy was still catching her breath from rushing us to the alliance and settling me down.

No photography during the show hence no pictures.

All I can say is "Wonderful, beautiful, delightful!"

though towards the end I wanteda go out of the theatre again cos I thought Rainbow Fish is angry.

I was the only one with a pram. yes pram. so embarrassing.
but no choice. cos Mummy wanteda take the MRT. She can't bring me out w/o a "cart" and the stroller's in papa's car so she had to use this pram i used as a baby.

It was lotsa fun for me though. I rode on it like riding a horse, straddling my legs at the sides.

Bought this sticker book from the show.

It's a story book where you get to paste the various sea creatures on each page.

I'm good with stickers.
Mummy love them too cos they're no mess.

Mummy realised that I like to group things together.
I don't paste the sea creatures haphazardly you know?
I like to put them together. best if can horizontally or vertically in a row.

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