Sunday, October 26, 2008

Balloon Drum

We bought this Balloon Drum Kit a few Robinsons' Sales ago.

I wanteda paint the turtle Mummy draw on the drum shell...

but alas, I got carried away just brushing on the colours.

I was quite disappointed when Mummy said we have to let the paint dry overnight.

We continued making the drum only after a few days.

this time, we're going to put the drum head on.
Mummy helped to cut the balloon into two pieces.
She kept one set so that I can make other drum some other time.

Then I pasted double-sided tape all round the rim of the drum shell.

and peel them off.

Me sticking balloon on as the drum head.

Mummy then helped me secure it with rubber band and ribbon and trim the extra bit balloon.

and wa-la!

Making Music with my new drum!

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