Sunday, October 5, 2008

Museum can be fun too! 博物馆也可以这样玩

Peranakan Museum, Here I come.

Hey little cat, what are you doing here?

inside, we were welcomed by the friendly receptionist.

Me buying tickets for my parents.

Pss... free entry for 6 and below.

We were there for the Straits Family Sunday.

For the month of September, it's Lantern Making in line with the Mooncake Festival.

See me make lanterns in the slide show below.

Other activites in the "drop-in" workshop: Puzzles;
Children get to dress up in Peranakan (more like Chinese though) costumes.

Jiejie helping me put on the costume

me having fun in the costume and with the lantern I made.

I ran all over the place!

The jiejies at the museum and my mummy think I looks like the little "last emperor".

All I need is this pair of glasses.
but I doubt they'll take it out from their exhibits...

Me in another costume.

Mummy thinks I looks like a Sai-Gong in this.

We started with the museum tour with Origins of the Peranakans.

on to the next exhibition hall.

up up up we ago

My favourite activity in a museum:
using the headphones!

even though i can hardly see what's on the screen.

wei? wei?

Nice "garden", huh?

there're some dark places in the museum.

me scared, scared.

in bright places like this, I can roam freely.


time to go

Click to see other pictures taken my by papa at the Peranakan Museum.

We had a great time!
til the next time... byebye!

The next Straits Family Sunday at The Peranakan Museum...
12 Oct 2008 Sunday
1.00pm - 4.00pm
Click to see Workshop Details.

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kkf said...

looks fun!

Hann Hann said...

go on Straits Family Sundays. THey have workshops for children.

and now they're giving free admission to full-time teachers!

so only ya papa will have to pay.

Rachel Chung said...

Your boy looks so cute and inquisitive! He must have had fun at the activities.

Thanks for sharing about the workshop. I'll bring my girls on the 12th. :)

Hann Hann said...


Crazyaboutsports said...

Hi Ariel, congratulations once again for bagging the third prize of the Heritage Starbloggers competition. We've announced the results and prize presentation on Do log on to read about it. :)