Thursday, October 9, 2008

Grapes and Junction8

After school.

My parents decided to go to Ah Gong's house without 1st asking if I wanteda go.

well... usually i love to go to Ah Gong's but not yesterday.

I kept chanting "I want to go home" in the car.

It was then Mummy told me, "but we're going to Ah Gong's house. Why don't you want to go Ah Gong's house?"

"I scared."

"Why are you scared? What are you scared of?"

"Ah Gong's house got grapes."

Mummy, "??? grapes?? where are the grapes?"

"In Ah Gong's nose," I replied.

"Are you sure? what color are the grapes?" Papa inquired.


Mummy persisted, "How many grapes are there?"


by now, my parents were super amused. but I wasn't. I wanted to go home!

I kept insisting that I want to go home until...

we were one street from Ah Gong's house, I said, "I want to go Ah Gong's house."

Mummy mused, "but there are grapes."

I tried to justify, "there are no more grapes."

"There are no more grapes? Who took the grapes away?"

I replied, "Ah-Mah," and smiled.



Junction8's very own toilet paper!

that's what I call them.

Pss... Junction8 is my favourite shopping centre.

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