Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Family Room at Raffles City

Sunday 14th December 2008

This may seem like any other ordinary toilet bowl with stickers on it but...

It's actually a children's toilet bowl
and it's the 1st public toilet I pee-d in.

Yup. I'm "toilet-trained" now.

there's even a sink suitable for my height.

I can reach the soap too!

wash away!

Check out the family room at B1, Raffles City.
besides the junior toilet, there's also an adult's cubicle in the room.

Click to see more of the family toilet.

Singapore should have more of these!

PS: This is also the 1st public toilet I poopoo-ed in.
Date: Christmas Day 25th Dec 2008
The toilet seat is a little too big for me though.


lifewithc said...

wow, i didn't know they have such a cool toilet! i was just there after the hungry caterpillar show the other day. we were heading toward chjmes and c wanted to pee so we went to raffles city and the nearest toilet. there was such a long queue! if only i had known there was a kids' toilet...but thanks to you, now i do!

Tee said...

Hi! did anyone notice what brand the toilet was? i'm looking to put it in one of our projects