Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hann at The Doll Affair 2008, NOT

We were at the doll affair 2008.

My Ah-Yi had a store (Mikan's Poketo) there

selling accessories for Ball Jointed Dolls.

Most all the accessories are hand-made by two of my ah-yis.

I played at a corner with my new Thomas (thanx to Yi-Po)

while Mummy helped Ah Yi get the store ready.

This is the final display of the booth.
(got one counterfeit doll)

Can you tell that it is actually made up of two different stores?

Ah-Yi and Shuui jiejie, good job!

Whenever I see dolls in elaborate gowns, I'll call them "Cinderella".

Mummy putting on a necklace for Taku.

Photo taken by Belynda jiejie. I think she needs to learn photo-composition.

ok... why "Hann at the Doll Affair NOT"...

There was an air-con outlet directly above Ah-Yi's store and made it freezing cold.
I couldn't take it and started coughing non-stop.
You can heard me cough in the video below showing the crowd waiting outside the Meeting Room. You can see real people in Dolly clothes too.

Papa was very sad and angry cos he had to bring me home and miss The Doll Affair plus the chance to capture the dolls on the camera.

and I cried all the way home in the car cos I want Mummy!
and didn't have my car seat.
It was removed to accommodate Ah-Yi's stuff for the store.
I sat in the front seat all by myself, 1st time.

Click to see doll photos my papa took for the photography contest.

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