Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Kenny Rogers 卖鸡的

Papa and I only went back to The Doll Affair when it was ending.

After packing up, my 3 bodyguards (aka Hann's angels) escorted me to
Kenny Rogers Roasters.

When some1 mentions "Kenny Rogers", what you will think of?

A. chicken with large servings of side dishes
B. the country songs singer

Your answer actually reflects ya age.

Mummy was very amusing when Rubbish-Yee said, "那个 卖鸡的"
when she mentioned Kenny Rogers.

Generation Gap.

I wonder what will I associate Kenny Rogers with next time.

after ordering my dinner,

I started reading...

all by myself!

Kenny Rogers Roasters is really a kid-friendly restaurant.
Besides the usual high chair,
they have this collection of books which are suitable for children.

I read all most entire Disney series.

Thanx, Belynda jiejie and Melody jiejie for reading to me after dinner.

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