Monday, December 8, 2008


Thursday 27th November 2008

This post is rather outdated and all my friends' mummies (Caitlin, Cherrlyn and Timothy) have blogged about it long ago.

I just recovered from a throat infection so Mummy decided to keep me at home for one more day.
Mummy asked me if I wanta play with other children.

"Joseph?" I asked.

Mummy said no and I didn't wanta go.
but when she mentioned Caitlin, I agreed to go.

So she brought me to Cherrlyn's house for the playdate.

I was all ready to meet the other children but
the adults all came to welcome me and I was frightened and refused to go in until
I saw...


My friends were all fascinated with a cash-register but I only have eyes (and hands) for Thomas.

Caitlin taking pictures of me playing.

This was what she captured.

Later we took a cab home together.
She hugged me in the cab.
I'm beginning to like her a lot.

see you soon, Caitlin!

and thanx for having us, Auntie Joyce!

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