Friday, January 30, 2009

Science Centre 之 Water Play Works

Science Centre, here I come again!

I'm so happy and excited to be able to go to the WaterWorks section, I don't mind carrying my own bag.

We headed straight to WaterWorks.

It's not so crowded unlike my previous visit so I don't mind playing here.

The next two pictures are taken by me!

Water Play (that's what I call it) at Science Centre,
here I come!

This is the children's favourite area.
It's great fun!
thumbs-up indeed.

but with all the danger signs around, I only dare play at one corner,
unlike the boys in sexy outfits behind me.
They were jumping all over the fountain.

Actually this is just a display and not meant for children to play in.
but nobody cares cos it's so fun!

I stayed in this corner for a long time until...

I finally decided it's safe enough to extra other parts of the fountain.

This is actually where the real fun is.

You put the balls on the track, they'll go down into the jet of water and get shoot up.

see my video for the action.

after playing for a long time at the fountain, my parents told me it's time to go.

but I requested to play at this other feature.
The water coming down on my head

I call this the "googan".
Don't ask me why.

I love cooking in the shower.

When my parents told me it's time to go,
I put the ladder and "spade" (what do you can that?) back on their hooks without my parents asking me to.
Mummy was impressed. =)

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Aunt Crystal said...

Hihi, should be be "ladle $ spatula"? =)