Saturday, February 7, 2009

Bishan Park 之 Hann's got the camera

All photos in this post except the 1st two are taken by me!

Hann's dirty mouth
It all started with Papa taking photos of me after the brunch at Canopy, Bishan Park.

Think I was telling papa, "I want the camera!"

I took over the camera and started snapping

My turn to take you with ya funny face, papa.

My water bottle.

The special bowl and cutlery the cafe provided for children like me.

Mummy "无眼看"

The was the plate on which the chocolate cake was served.
You won't want to see what's left in it.

Waitress jiejie coming with the bill.

from the previous shot, you can see how much tissue we used to clean up the messy I made.

After paying the bill, we went around the Canopy Cafe taking photos.

I love babies and shooting them with my camera.

All three ladies were impressed that I can take nice pictures at such a young age (2 years 8 months)

after saying goodbye,
I decided to capture different texture of the ground.
See all the different kinds in the slide show below

These angmo korkors, jiejies brought ground sheet along for a picnic at the Canopy Cafe.
It looked really fun and carefree.

but Mummy wondered how many locals will do that, under the hot sun.

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