Saturday, February 21, 2009

Swimming cap

One day, while going out for dinner, I insisted on wearing my swimming cap.

My mummy didn't really mind and allowed me to.

i was pretending that i'm going for water play at science centre.

When we reached Novena (where we were going to dine),

I wanteda keep the cap on.

Papa felt I was ridiculous but mummy allowed me to wear it.

Papa thinks i looked so embrassing he doesn't wanta carry me.

Hann in swimming cap

me waiting for food.

can you make out my angmo-ish chinese?
Guess what I want in the video below.

I think I look super funny in this video


kkf said...

reminds me of dash who insists on putting his sister's small minnie mouse clip on his hair when he attended yamaha music lesson...haha. kids are so funny at times. :)

Hann Hann said...

hahaha. must be super funny.

no pictures?

did you allow him?