Sunday, March 8, 2009

My 1st Pajamas Party

Sat 7 March 2009

Went to The Arts House for 1st Pajamas Party.
Mummy has been telling me about it for a long time and I was looking forward to it.

All the children came in pajamas and brought their bedtime toys.

The Pajamas Night consists of two sets (Milk & Cookie set and Pajamas Set) of 6 short pieces from the Prudential Children First! Festival.

There were a few shows Mummy wanteda bring me for this Festival.
When she learnt that the Pajamas Night has (almost) all the shows in one night, she grabbed the tickets.

We went for both sets.

Mummy and I waiting for a show to start.

One of the shows - Teapot Ensemble.
The duo were great! using tea pots as wind instruments and tea-leaves cans as percussion instruments.

Mummy took a short video of them

Auntie Adeline brought Caitlin to their "The Magic Teapot" and thought they were wonderful.
tickets are still available if you're interested.

check out my PJ.
It actually belongs to my papa.
It was what he wore as a boy.
My Mah-mah kept it til I was born and give to it me.
cool leh.
My parents are inspired to keep my baby + toddler clothes for my son.

We met Joseph on his way out of the washroom.
Too bad our timings were not aligned.
I'd very much like to "party" with him.

What are we looking at?

We were looking from outside, this performace - Bed Time.
I didn't like this one very much.
Halfway though I wanteda go.
I thought it was scary cos the two uncles were fighting...
with pillows and blankets.
well... Mummy managed to coax me to stay thru' the show. It was just 10mins anyway.

My favourite show was a short animation Canary Beat from Little Big Shots.

Mummy's was Richard Bradshaw's Shadows.

My favourite part of the party:
Milk and cookie time!

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Joyce Long said...

Wah..Hann Hann is so cute..hmm..interesting party..